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DeinLabitzke, Zürich-Altstetten

277 new and cleverly designed lofts and apartments with up to 4.5 rooms as well as individual commercial spaces are being built at Hohlstrasse/Albulastrasse, to be completed by spring 2018.

DeinLabitzke is dream apartment as well as dream factory.

For all of those who want to create their world as they like it. With your own apartment, your own creative space, your own office or your own store.

For appointments please contact us:
Phone: +41 44 397 11 10 
E-Mail: info@DeinLabitzke.ch
Homepage: http://www.deinlabitzke.ch/

Address Showroom:
Hohlstrasse 510, 8048 Zürich

We are looking forward to meeting you!