Passion for property

8 June 2021
Project sold to a Swiss Real Estate Fund
4 June 2021
Mobimo publishes 2020
Sustainability Report
13 April 2021
Mobimo Holding AG issues bond of
CHF 200 million
30 March 2021
Annual General Meeting approves all requests
19 March 2021
Information on the Agglolac project


We published our Sustainability Report!

Annual General Meeting 2021


In accordance with COVID-19 Ordinance 3, the Annual General Meeting of Mobimo Holding AG was conducted without shareholders being physically present. The shareholders, represented by the independent proxy, approved all requests to the Annual General Meeting with a large majority. The distribution through a nominal value reduction is expected to be made in mid-July 2021.

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Mobimo has a broadly diversified portfolio and an attractive development pipeline in Switzerland’s major economic areas.
Christoph Egli, Head of Property Management


Our sites

Aarau, Aeschbachquartier

A lively, mixed-use district emerged in Torfeld Süd, a former industrial zone.

Lucerne South (Kriens), Mattenhof

A brilliantly developed urban district emerged in Mattenhof, in Lucerne South, featuring modern apartments, office space, commercial and food service space as well as a Holiday Inn Express.


Mobimo develops modern, mixed-use districts which boast high standards of architecture and urban design.

Lausanne, Flon district

The Flon district covers
55,000 m2 in the heart of Lausanne. Over the last decade it has transformed into an attractive, modern urban district.

Zurich, Labitzke

A complex of ten buildings featuring stylish apartments, commercial spaces and offices has arisen at the site of the former Labitzke paint factory in Zurich, designed by renowned architectural firm Gigon/Guyer.

The switch from public to private takes place in the courtyards.
«o.T.», Annelies Štrba


Mobimo shares are characterised by steady value growth and regular, attractive dividends.

Earnings per share in CHF
Change since 30 June 2019: -6,4%


You’re looking for a challenge. You’re looking for responsibility. You’re looking for the next level in your career. Look no further than Mobimo. We employ around 170 people at our locations in German and French-speaking Switzerland.

I want to reduce fear of the unknown.
Agnieszka Pieta, Club d’Art Contemporain
Les Garages, Lausanne

Press releases

June 8, 2021

Mobimo: Project sold to a Swiss Real Estate Fund


June 4, 2021

Mobimo Holding AG: Mobimo publishes 2020 Sustainability Report


April 13, 2021

Mobimo Holding AG issues bond of CHF 200 million


March 30, 2021

Annual General Meeting of Mobimo Holding AG approves all requests


March 19, 2021

Information on the Agglolac project


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