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Mobimo’s contribution to society includes realising high-quality living and working spaces as well as fostering employee development and investing in our Mobimo & Art cultural programme, so rich in tradition. Through Mobimo & Art, we combine art and architecture.


Art helps to solidify our identify and gives the functional relationship between our buildings and the people who inhabit them an added emotional element.
Daniel Ducrey, CEO

Not Vital

«The No Problem Sculpture»

Concrete | 2011 | Zürich


“The No Problem Sculpture” is anarchaic-looking concrete block whose edges measures 81 metres in length when added together, corresponding exactly to the height of the Mobimo Tower. The sculpture was the winning project from a competition by invitation and in a second round was supplemented by the 81-metre high draw well OMIBOM in a village in Nigeria.

Sophie Bouvier Ausländer

«Upside Down»

Material | 2013 | Lausanne (Rasude district)


Artist Sophie Bouvier Ausländer has created a dancefloor on a roof of the Horizon building made up of 90 light panels showcasing a dynamic projection of rotating images. The work, called “Upside Down”, was inspired by artists such as Manet and Mondrian, says Sophie Bouvier Ausländer.

Yves Netzhammer

«Die Sprache spielt Zeit oder Fabelhaft war der Apfelsaft»

Aluminium | 2014 | Affoltern am Albis (OVA)


“Die Sprache spielt Zeit oder Fabelhaft war der Apfelsaft” (The Language Plays Time or Scrumptious Was the Apple Juice) is the name of the winning project of the art competition held as part of the development of the site of the former fruit processing plant Obstverwertungsanlage Affoltern (OVA). Artist Yves Netzhammer has created a multi-facetted installation which, drawing on the history of the former industrial area, builds a bridge to the current day.


«Spuren DNS Bolero Spiel»

Material | 2014 | Zürich

The work by artist duo Baldwin/Guggisberg both complements the sleek aesthetic of the building while at the same time manifests a counterpoint to the surrounding architecture with its vibrant colours and flowing forms. The three elements of the work welcome visitors when they enter the building or garage and lead into the outdoor area, where a playful installation of glass spheres in the water pool round off the installation.

Nikola Zaric

«Côté cour – Anehom lisant Voltaire et Femlièvre»

Polychrome cement and iron | 2015 | Lausanne


Two hybrid beings, part-human, part-animal, works by sculptor Nicola Zaric, inhabit the courtyard of
Petit Mont-Riond in Lausanne. The sculpture, which is seated reading the writings of Voltaire, forges a connection to the street name “Rue Voltaire”.

Christian Gonzenbach

«Curry und Paprika»

Concrete | 2015 | Regensdorf (Sonnenhof)


Geneva-based artist Christian Gonzenbach won the art competition with his piece “Curry und Paprika”. His sculptures, made from pigment-moulded concrete, with their organic shapes and bold colours, stand in striking juxtaposition to the white, cuboid architecture of the Sonnenhof development. The two sculptures remind us of the Scholar's Rocks or Gongshi, a popular element of chinese gardens.

Annelies Štrba

« o.T »

Printing on weatherproof sliding panels| 2016 | Zurich (Letzihof)

Female figures, childhood dreams, flower meadows and light frescos hover over the three courtyards
of the Letzihof residential complex. Printed on weatherproof sliding panels, they complement the functional relationship between the buildings and its users by a poetic element.

Vincent Kohler


Bronze | 2017 | Lausanne (Flon district)
In the middle of the fountain in the central square of the Flon district stands the bronze sculpture “Unplugged” by Vincent Kohler. Electric guitars, drums, amplifiers and a microphone symbolise the meaning that music has always held for the Flon district. The musicians appear to have left the stage; the instruments that have been left behind gush water instead of sound. With the work "Unplugged", Kohler wanted to both inspire and celebrate the neighbourhood’s identity with a musical motif.

Kris Martin


Corten steel | 2019 | Aarau (Aeschbach district)

With CALIX, Belgian artist Kris Martin has created an oversized goblet with an industrial-lookingouter shell of Corten steel. Too hefty as a drinking vessel for one person, it is a unifying symbol celebrating the sense of community that runs through the residential neighbourhood.

Raphael Hefti

«My elastic eye»

Microscopic glass beads | 2019 | Kriens (Mattenhof)

Artist Raphael Hefti mounted countless, microscopic glass beads that disperse the sunlight in all colours of the spectrum onto a specially developed floor covering throughout the neighbourhood. The glass beads project a holographic, circular rainbow that backlights the viewer’s shadow on the ground. The effect is visible only to the person casting the shadow; the multi-hued halo cannot be seen by anyone else.

Atelier Schlaepfer & Capt

«Rivière suspendue»

Aluminum, acrylic glass, stainless steel | 2020 | Lausanne (Flon district)

Mobimo_KP_Lausanne2_38421 - Kopie

The installation “Rivière suspendue” (Suspended river) is reminiscent of the Flon river, which used to flow through the valley until it was filled in more than a century ago to make space for warehouses on the resulting land. The work is made up of a mesh of 307 highly polished, multicoloured aluminium discs and 53 dichroic acrylic glass discs, which are suspended from 44 stainless steel cables and capture the movement on the street below as much as they do the gusts of the wind. The ripples this creates connect the flowing water of the past with the bustling pedestrians of today.


More works from our art portfolio

Daniel Schlaepfer
«Sol lumineux»

Jahr | Lausanne
Daniel Schlaepfer
«Arbre à l'envers»

2002 | Lausanne
Tina Ausoni

Jahr | Lausanne
Beat Zoderer
«Arc I-V»

2013 | Adliswil

Dominique Lämmli
«Im Schilf»

2012 | Zürich
Chiara Dynys
«Give me your light»

2011 | Zürich
André Wagner
«Mehr als Momente»

2013 | Zürich
Olivier Rambert,
Sam Wilkinson
«Der Baum»

2007 | Lausanne

Rolf Dormayer

2012 | Zürich
Rolf Dormayer

2010 | Horgen

Temporary installations

G. Honauer,
T. Baldinger

2013 | Aarau
Atelier Oï

2007 | Lausanne
Daniel Schlaepfer
«La rivière aux cinq origines»

2008 | Lausanne



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Communications Officer Western Switzerland

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