Mobimo’s long-term strategy is geared towards qualitative growth based on a balanced portfolio mix and active portfolio management. The company ensures that its activities are solidly financed and sustainable.

Mobimo buys, plans, builds, maintains and sells valuable and highyield real estate.

Mobimo’s customer base comprises private individuals, institutional investors and companies of varying size operating in a range of sectors. Mobimo values its tenants and buyers and is respectful and highly professional in its dealings with them.

The investment portfolio comprises commercial, industrial and residential properties with broad-based rental income and correspondingly steady returns. Through its development properties, Mobimo generates considerable upside potential and capital gains. This area of activity includes the sale of condominiums. Development for Third Parties offers planning and implementation services for institutional and private investors. This covers all areas of planning, including the handover of turn-key properties.

Mobimo is solidly financed. In addition to long-term guaranteed financing, the expansion of the company is based on Mobimo’s core competences: buying/selling, development and portfolio management.

The company uses the Mobimo brand in its communication with investors, the media, analysts and tenants. The Group brand is sometimes linked with targeted sponsorship and marketing measures. Communication and marketing at project level are generally tied to an image developed by Mobimo and are given project names that correspond to the objective, location and target audience.

Long-term strategy
Qualitative growth
Mobimo strives to gradually grow its real estate portfolio. This growth takes place primarily through the construction of investment properties for the company’s own portfolio as well as through the acquisition of individual properties and portfolios. Growth may also be achieved via company takeovers. The decision to grow is taken when the elements of price, location and future prospects come together in such a way as to create
value for shareholders.

Mobimo invests in promising locations in Switzerland. It sees these primarily as the economic areas of Zurich and Lausanne/Geneva, together with those of Basel, Lucerne/ Zug, Aarau and St. Gallen. Investments are only made in sustainably good locations.

Balanced portfolio mix
Generally, the strategic investment portfolio comprises approximately one-third residential usage, one-third office usage and onethird other commercial usage.

Active portfolio management
The real estate portfolio is optimised on an ongoing basis. Value is rigorously maintained and increased by cultivating relationships with tenants, ensuring a high level of occupancy, optimising costs and implementing effective marketing strategies.

Added value through development
Real estate development focuses on the following areas:
  • development and construction of new investment properties for the company’s own portfolio,
  • site development,
  • the continued development and optimisation of the company‘s own real estate holdings,
  • development for third parties,
  • development, construction and sale of owner-occupied properties.
For Mobimo, sustainability means striking a balance between generating profits today and preserving and enhancing value over the long term. Quality of life is reflected in the design of its living, leisure and working spaces. In addition to economic considerations, Mobimo also incorporates environmental and socio-cultural factors into its activities. This results in added value for both shareholders and the users of Mobimo properties.

Solid financing
Mobimo can borrow on both a short and long-term basis. Equity should represent at least 40% of total assets.

Profitable investment
Mobimo shares are characterised by steady value growth and regular, attractive payouts.

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