Annual Report 2023

90.0CHF million

Profit excluding revaluation

From an operational perspective, Mobimo can look back on an encouraging 2023 financial year. Net rental income increased despite the challenging economic environment. Rental income from the properties Manegg and Tiergarten completed during the year 2023 provided a significant boost.Jörg Brunner, CFO

3 631CHF million

Overall portfolio

144.9CHF million

Income from rental of properties

PresentationAnnual Report 2023

Half-Year Report 2023

43.1CHF million

Profit excluding revaluation

Mobimo strengthens net rental income by a further 7.3% in the first half of 2023. On completion of the properties in Manegg, Tiergarten, and shortly Les Jumeaux, additional rental income will be recognised in the current year.Jörg Brunner, CFO

3 708CHF million

Overall portfolio

73.7CHF million

Income from rental of properties

PresentationHalf-year Report 2023

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