A giant in the Swiss real estate market

Mobimo Holding AG was founded in 1999 in Lucerne and has been listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange since 2005. Market capitalisation and the size of its portfolio make it the fourth largest Swiss real estate company.


The registered shares of Mobimo Holding AG are traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange in Zurich and are listed in accordance with the Standard for Real Estate Companies.

Earnings per share in CHF
Change since 31 December 2022: -66,2%


A total of six bonds are traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

Corporate Governance

For Mobimo, good corporate governance is a key element of business management. The company stresses the importance of leadership that takes responsibility for every aspect of its actions and creates lasting values.


The Mobimo share offer an attractive dividend yield, and our distribution policy is characterised by consistency and reliability.
Daniel Ducrey, CEO

Group structure

Mobimo Holding AG holds majority interests in various companies.

Acquisitions and transactions

Overview of the most important capital market transactions and acquisitions in recent years.

What sustainability means to us.

Investor service

As a listed company, Mobimo sends regular email updates to interested parties with all current and stock-related information. This service fulfils the SIX Swiss Exchange ad hoc publicity provisions (RLAhP) established 1 july 2021.




Upcoming Mobimo Holding AG events at a glance.



Receive current and stock-related updates by email.



Contacts for investors and interested parties

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