Corporate Governance Report

General Meeting

Overview of the invitations and minutes for the General Meetings.

Articles of association

The articles of association are the group’s defining legal document. They are approved at the General Meeting.

Code of Conduct

Reporting obligation

As a listed company, Mobimo is required to report all management transactions to the SIX Swiss Exchange zu melden.

Significant shares are reported to the appropriate group and disclosed to the SIX Swiss Exchange.

Board of Directors

Executive Board


In accordance with the Audit Supervision Act, the General Meeting appoints an auditor operating under federal supervision. Auditor independence is defined in Art. 728 of the Swiss Code of Obligations (OR), and their functions in Art. 728 et seq. OR. On 30. March 2021, the General Meeting elected Ernst & Young AG Lucerne as auditors for Mobimo Holding AG


Mobimo’s real estate portfolio undergoes annual valuation per the DCF model, conducted by the independent real estate valuation firm Jones Lang LaSalle AG.

Risk report

Mobimo’s risk management must identify risks as soon as possible, evaluate them and achieve a sensible balance between risks and returns using appropriate measures.

The overarching risks are based on the corporate strategy. Mobimo defines risk as any event that could negatively impact the achievement of its objectives and existing business. The processes applied are subject to regular review based on risk management principles in order to take account of changes in market conditions and in the activities of the Group. The aim is to use existing training and management guidelines and optimal management processes to maintain a disciplined and constructive control environment in which all staff can fulfil their function and exercise their duties in the best way possible. Risk management is part of the processes of the integral management system.

Risk management process
The risk management process covers all activities for handling risks in the company on an ongoing and systematic basis. The following graphic illustrates the key steps of this process: identification, description, management, monitoring and controlling of various risk types.
Further information on the risks to which Mobimo is exposed can be found in the notes to the consolidated financial statements.

The Board of Directors bears overall responsibility for risk management. The Executive Board is responsible for implementing risk management, including awareness-raising among employees, monitoring risks in each area of responsibility and reporting to the Risk Committee, which is made up of the Executive Board and Controlling specialist.

During the first half of the year, the Risk Committee collates the risks that are relevant for the Mobimo Group and evaluates these in light of the risk management measures. The risks are then studied again in the second half of the year, in the risk review. The Risk Committee reports the findings to the Audit and Risk Committee, which in turn communicates them to the Board of Directors. An institutionalised internal audit is not appropriate, due to the size of the company. Mandates are placed externally where necessary. The auditor discusses the audit findings with the Audit and Risk Committee and the CFO, but for reasons of independence establishes these findings itself.

Risk management process

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