July 12, 2011

Kick-off for the Meilenwerk Zürichsee

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Kick-off for the Meilenwerk Zürichsee

Meilenwerk and Mobimo enter into a long-term project partnership

* Meilenwerk AG to handle the development and, as the general lessee, the
complete management of the project during the operational phase
* Mobimo Holding AG is the property owner and principal
* 100-room design hotel planned

Berlin, 12 July 2011. Meilenwerk AG is to realise its current project on
the banks of Lake Zurich in Switzerland in collaboration with Mobimo AG,
who already owns the land. It is entering into a development partnership
with the Swiss real estate company according to which Meilenwerk is
responsible for the project's conceptual development and, for a minimum of
20 years, the rental and property management. CHF 35 million (EUR 28
million) is to be invested in the conversion of the property into
Meilenwerk Zürichsee.

Vintage cars and collectors' cars will in future be able to be bought,
sold, restored and serviced by experts in the Meilenwerk Zürichsee.
Furthermore, service providers and retailers will provide everything that
clients need or desire for their hobby. Gastronomy, event and club areas
are to be meeting places for car-related conversations between tenants,
clients and visitors. 'Meilenwerke are centres of attraction that cater to
the emotional needs of today's lovers of classical, collectors' and premium
cars and are a reflection of a certain view on life,' says Martin Halder,
Member of the Board of Meilenwerk AG. 'This and the wide-ranging services
provided by regional and international providers who have already
established a good reputation for themselves on the classical car scene
make the Meilenwerk concept stand out from classical commercial project
developments.  Years of experience and close ties with the car scene help
us select the best companies', Halder points out.
The opening is planned for spring 2013. The Meilenwerk project in Horgen on
the banks of Lake Zurich is to be realised in the building of the former
weaving machine factory of Grob Textile AG. The industrial building is 230
metres in length with floor space of 20,000 square metres distributed
across five floors. 17,000 square metres of rental space will be available
and offer units to approximately 30 commercial tenants. 60% of the floor
space has already been reserved and some 150 individual storage areas are
planned to house the vehicles of private owners. Flexible event and
gastronomic areas are distributed across the floors. The main area with a
view over Lake Zurich will be set up on the top floor. 'Another highlight
will be the integration of a 100-room design hotel in the building', Halder
goes on.

The location can be reached by more than two million people within 45
minutes' travel time. 'This means that the property is able to take
advantage of the international standing of the city of Zurich and offers
the ideal opportunity of being put to varied use: from trading in and
servicing vintage cars to gastronomy and event management,' Martin Halder
explains. For the first time, additional products and services will be
offered in the Meilenwerk Zürichsee as part of the further evolution of the
Meilenwerk concept. This includes gourmet shops, a drivers' lounge and a
car vault for car collections. According to the plans of architect Sara
Spiro, the conversion of the factory building should start at the beginning
of 2012. The opening is planned for spring 2013.

About Meilenwerk and Meilenwerk AG
Meilenwerk is a classic real estate investment. It is organised and managed
along the lines of a shopping centre with some 35 companies and 120 staff
per location. The Meilenwerk concept was devised by Martin Halder back in
1998. Since 2003 the Meilenwerk has been developed and licensed in a
three-year cycle with three vintage car locations in Berlin (2003),
Düsseldorf (2006) and Stuttgart (2009).
Meilenwerk AG is the sponsor of the patented 'Meilenwerk' brand and
licensor of the real estate projects at each location. It assumes the role
of development partner and advisor to property owners and investors and of
property manager of each of the branded properties. The centre and event
management at the Zürichsee location will be assumed by Meilenwerk
Zürichsee AG, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Meilenwerk AG.

About Martin Halder
Martin Halder is the inventor of the Meilenwerk concept, initiator of the
Meilenwerk projects and a member of the Board of Meilenwerk AG. He has
degrees in industrial engineering and real estate. The Meilenwerk concept
grew out of his academic work on target group concepts under Professor Dr.
Karl-Werner Schulte at the European Business School in 1998. After holding
various management positions in real estate companies, he has been managing
partner in Branded Bricks GmbH since 2007, the majority shareholder of the
concept and brand owner Meilenwerk AG. He complements his professional
activities with extensive speaking commitments.

About Mobimo
Mobimo Holding AG was established in 1999 in Lucerne and has been listed on
the SIX Swiss Exchange since 2005. The Mobimo Group has an attractive
portfolio mix of investment properties that provide stable income and
development properties offering extensive value enhancement potential.
Investments are targeted mainly in the promising locations of Zurich and
Lausanne/Geneva and in the Basel, Lucerne/Zug, Aarau and St. Gallen
economic regions. With a real estate portfolio that has an overall value of
over CHF 2.0 billion, Mobimo is one of the leading real estate companies in
Switzerland. The portfolio contains development properties with an
investment volume of more than CHF 1 billion up to 2015 (as at 31 December

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