June 18, 2018

Mobimo and Immobiliengesellschaft Fadmatt AG agree on a friendly takeover

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18-Jun-2018 / 07:00 CET/CEST
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Mobimo and Immobiliengesellschaft Fadmatt AG agree on a friendly takeover

- Mobimo Holding AG has reached an agreement with the Board of Directors of the Zurich-based Immobiliengesellschaft Fadmatt AG about an amicable takeover.

- Mobimo submitted an offer of CHF 28,000 per share to the Fadmatt shareholders.

- At least half of the acquisition price of CHF 183 million will be paid in the form of newly created registered shares from the authorised capital of Mobimo.

- The offer will be concluded if at least 67% of the Fadmatt shares are tendered. The offer has already been accepted by slightly more than 50% of the Fadmatt shares.

- The real estate portfolio of Fadmatt AG is valued at approx. CHF 289 million and generates rental income of over CHF 10 million p.a.

Lucerne, 18 June 2018 - Mobimo Holding AG ("Mobimo") has signed a transaction agreement with Immobiliengesellschaft Fadmatt AG ("Fadmatt") and has submitted an offer to the company's shareholders to acquire all of the Fadmatt shares. A number of shareholders who collectively hold slightly more than 50% of the share capital have already agreed to accept the offer.

Fadmatt was founded in 1861 with the aim of creating low-cost workers' apartments in Zurich. Today, the company owns 503 apartments spread over seven locations in the cantons of Zurich and Schaffhausen. The developments are externally managed, while the five-person Board of Directors is responsible for managing the company. Following extensive renovations and the construction of new buildings in recent years, the portfolio as a whole is in good health. The portfolio generates a rental income of over CHF 10 million p.a.

Mobimo communicated its interest in an acquisition already in January 2018. After a structured sales process, the Board of Directors of Fadmatt has now decided to support Mobimo's increased offer. Assuming that the offer will be concluded, Mobimo will integrate the properties into its own portfolio and take over the management of the properties.

A number of conditions have to be fulfilled in order to conclude the offer, including the tender of at least 67% of the share capital of Fadmatt. At least half of the acquisition price will be paid with shares from Mobimo's authorised capital. The newly created Mobimo shares will be entitled to a full dividend for the financial year 2018. In order to determine the exchange ratio, the Mobimo share was assigned a fixed value of CHF 244.04 based on the volume-weighted 30-day average price from 30 April to 13 June 2018. This price has already been adjusted for the distribution of CHF 10.00 per Mobimo share to the Mobimo shareholders, taking place on 20 June 2018 (ex-date).

Further information on the portfolio of Immobiliengesellschaft Fadmatt AG can be found in the presentation at www.mobimo.ch

If you have any questions, please contact:

Mobimo Holding AG

Dr. Christoph Caviezel, CEO
+41 44 397 15 55 or +41 79 604 18 01

Manuel Itten, CFO
+41 44 397 11 97 or +41 76 572 04 41


About Mobimo:

Mobimo Holding AG was established in Lucerne in 1999 and has been listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange since 2005. With a real estate portfolio with a total value of CHF 2.8 billion, the Group is one of the leading real estate companies in Switzerland. The portfolio comprises investment and development properties in first-class locations in German-speaking Switzerland and French-speaking Switzerland. Mobimo generates stable rental income with its residential and commercial properties, while its development expertise and full pipeline allows it to create value enhancement potential in its own portfolio and for third parties. The investment volume of development properties for its own portfolio totals around CHF 0.8 billion. Mobimo has a stable business model, pursues a sustainable strategy and provides its shareholders with an attractive return.

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Document: http://n.eqs.com/c/fncls.ssp?u=OTITEAHBDP
Document title: Mobimo_Fadmatt_18.6.2018

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