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November 26, 2021

Mobimo Holding AG: Climate-neutral in 2050: Mobimo unveils CO2 reduction path

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26.11.2021 / 18:00

Climate-neutral in 2050: Mobimo unveils CO2 reduction path

Lucerne, 26 November 2021 - Mobimo's real estate portfolio is to be CO2 neutral by 2050. The company will invest around CHF 40 million annually on making renovations and optimisations. From next year, Mobimo will also be in a position to issue green bonds to fund sustainable projects and buildings.

The Seehallen Horgen is a good example of Mobimo's transformational power and development expertise. A former factory building on the shores of Lake Zurich was transformed into a multifaceted, fully let service centre with big-name tenants, target rental revenues of CHF 3.0 million and its own electricity production thanks to a powerful photovoltaic system. "The venue for today's Capital Markets Day was therefore an obvious choice," CEO Daniel Ducrey told investors, analysts and journalists. "The Seehallen Horgen exemplifies our understanding of impressive sustainability initiatives as a harmonious triad of economic, social and ecological requirements."

Marco Tondel, Head of Development and Sustainability at Mobimo, added: "Transforming the portfolio is one of the most important measures we can take to further optimise it in terms of usage, income, energy consumption and CO2 emissions." In his presentations, he focused in particular on the key figures of the CO2 emissions that Mobimo has been publishing for 10 years - and reducing: "Mobimo has slashed its emissions by more than 50% since 2011 to a low of 16 kg CO2eq/m². So we are firmly on a steep reduction path and have given details of the trajectory up to 2050."

Climate-neutral by 2050
Mobimo's CO2 emissions are to be reduced to 1.5 kg CO2eq/m2 (including tenant electricity), in line with the 1.5-degree Celsius target set by the Paris Agreement. Mobimo will achieve this ambitious goal by renovating and optimising its existing properties, increasing its own electricity production using photovoltaics and transferring its own developments to the real estate portfolio. Marco Tondel: "The annual investments in our investment properties amount to an average of CHF 40 million per year. We will also have around 10,000 m2 of photovoltaic systems by the year 2030 and 25,000 m2 by 2050. We know what needs to be done for each property and when."

Although the company's own developments in particular are optimal in terms of energy - the Papillon project in Köniz (BE) is even a plus-energy district - Mobimo will have to take additional offsetting measures to achieve its declared goal of CO2 neutrality (from today's perspective).

Ready for green bonds from 2022 onwards
At the end of the event, CFO Stefan Hilber told the attendees of Mobimo's plans to issue green bonds. Mobimo is currently developing the conditions for sustainable bonds. "We see green bonds as an attractive funding option for certain transformation and development projects, as well as for sustainable existing properties. By issuing a green bond, we're once again showing how strongly sustainability is embedded throughout the company," said the CFO.

Further information
›› Sustainability fact sheet for Mobimo

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With a broadly diversified real estate portfolio that has a total value of approximately CHF 3.4 billion, Mobimo Holding AG is one of the leading real estate companies in Switzerland. Its portfolio comprises residential and commercial properties, along with development properties both for the company's own portfolio and for third parties. The properties are in first-class locations in German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland. The buildings are characterised by balanced diversification and diligent management. Mobimo uses its development projects to strengthen its income base and boost the intrinsic value of its portfolio. The company also creates investment opportunities for third parties through its development services. Mobimo has around 170 employees. www.mobimo.ch

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