September 9, 2019, 
  • Lucerne South, 
  • Mattenhof

Mobimo opens Mattenhof in Kriens

The journey that began in 2007 with a vision of an urban development at a very well connected location connection is complete: Mattenhof is a reality. Mobimo and the CSA Real Estate Switzerland investment group have brought to life a new mixed-use district in Kriens, covering a total area of more than 21,000 m2, designed by the Lucerne-based architectural firms Architekturbüros Scheitlin Syfrig Architekten and Schärli Architekten.

This urban centre in Lucerne South, right by Kriens Mattenhof station, emerged as part of a development process that took over ten years. Mattenhof encompasses 275 apartments, more than 21,000 m2 of office space, almost 7,000 m2 of commercial/retail space and a 160-room Holiday Inn Express city hotel. The real estate company Mobimo worked with the cities of Kriens and Lucerne to drive the development of the entire site. Mobimo developed the lion’s share of the Mattenhof project for its own portfolio. CSA Real Estate Switzerland, an investment group of the Credit Suisse Investment Foundation, acquired a sub-project in 2016, which is now being marketed under the name “Matteo” as part of Mattenhof. The urban development guidelines under the 2012 design plan come from the Lucerne-based architectural firm Scheitlin Syfrig Architekten. They stipulate a dense structure with an urban feel. Scheitlin Syfrig was also responsible for the architecture of the Mobimo project, while the Matteo building was the work of Schärli Architekten. The sustainability standards applied are: SIA 2040 and the 2000 Watt Society rules for the Mobimo project. Minergie ECO and greenproperty Gold for the CSA project.

Healthy lettings
Just a few weeks after the completion of construction work, more than half of the apartments are occupied, while the occupancy rate for commercial space stands at nearly 70%. Capacity utilisation at the hotel is already excellent. Swisscom is the biggest tenant in terms of space occupied. It is moving some 400 staff into 7,500 m2 across five floors. Other tenants Electrolux, Heggli Reisen weltweit, Bucher Hair & Style, Migros, Bächli Bergsport, Fresenius Kabi, a women’s medical practice and a dentist, a branch of Medbase with a pharmacy on the ground floor, a branch of Bäckerei Hug, and the Nooch and Jack’s Cevap House restaurants, will ensure a broad range of amenities for residents, hotel guests and visitors to the area.

“My elastic eye” adds a sensual quality to the architecture
Mattenhof has an iconic artwork in the shape of “My elastic eye”: Artist Raphael Hefti has covered the ground in countless microscopic glass pearls that break the sunlight down into the colours of the spectrum, with the result that the viewer’s shadow appears to be accompanied by a holographic, circular rainbow. The sun intervenes in the role of artist, accompanying one’s shadow throughout the district. The work is received in very intimate fashion, as the effect is visible only to the person casting the shadow; the coloured halo at the height of the onlooker’s head height cannot be seen by anyone else. There is a contrast with the shape of the sculpture. The materials have been applied in concentric circular paths, spanning the whole of the Mattenhof area. Raphael Hefti’s work ties together the different buildings, squares and corners of the district, turning it into a place for shared experienced and adding a sensual quality to the architecture. Find out more here:

Kicking off further development in Lucerne South.
Mattenhof is a profitable investment for Mobimo in central Switzerland/Lucerne South. Lucerne South, the new residential zone located where the municipalities of Kriens, Horw and Lucerne meet, is one of the major development hubs for the region. With over 600 jobs and many new residents, Mattenhof represents a major addition to Kriens, and should also kick start further development in Lucerne South.

Opening ceremony on 14 September
Residents, business owners, CSA Real Estate Switzerland and Mobimo will celebrate the opening of Mattenhof with a street party featuring a wide range of attractions on Saturday, 14 September 2019. Everyone is very welcome to attend. For more information, see:

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