Rütteliweg 8; Spitalhalde 40

Year of construction1972
Value CHF million35.9
Floor space in m25,520
Year of refurbishment2017
Rütteliweg 8; Spitalhalde 40
4310 Rheinfelden

The property consists of two buildings: a high-rise block with 15 upper floors and one basement floor and another stand-alone building with four upper floors and one basement floor. This is a residential-only property with 84 residential units, 60 of which are in the main block. The buildings were constructed in 1972 on a plot measuring around 15,000 m², using the solid construction method. The facades were renovated in 2004. The high-rise building has two lifts; the apartment building has one. The property is located at the north-eastern end of Rheinfelden, in a green setting. The nearby forest is handy for recreation. The nearby bus stops at the rehabilitation clinic and the district hospital provide public transport links to the town centre, with all public amenities and shopping facilities. Two lines serve the stops. The property was fully renovated in 2017.

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