A district comes to life

Feyza Ciritoglu is overseeing the sale and letting of apartments in the Aeschbachquartier. And she makes a good case for this new district in Aarau.

“It’s always a very special experience to see a building filled with life. A building full of residents projects an entirely different image than a brand new, empty one does. This was true for the Aeschbachquartier, too. As soon as the first buyers moved into their new condominiums, the district came to life. Suddenly there were children, bikes, outdoor furniture and lit-up windows. That’s when we knew for certain that the Aeschbachquartier was going to be a district people truly wanted to live in. And we will be repeating that experience here in Aarau when the tenants of the 167 rental apartments move into their new homes. The marketing phase is in full swing, and feedback has been positive, with potential tenants particularly enamoured with the district’s unique character. What’s on offer here is more than just a rental apartment in a new build; it’s a home in a
pedestrianised area with a public park. People don’t just live here; they work, play, shop, and wine and dine here. The Aeschbachquartier will also have its own childcare facility, which is another strong selling point for rental apartments in this district. As we want to attract a wide range of target groups, we are offering an interesting mix of accommodation, ranging from a 1.5-room apartment for single households of any age to an 8.5-room apartment ideal for sharing. All apartments offer outdoor space in the form of a balcony, terrace or access balcony. The rental apartments are currently still under construction and should be ready for people to move in by autumn 2018. Then, the former unoccupied industrial site will have been fully transformed into a living, breathing part of the city.”
(Publication date: Beginning of 2018)

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