A nest far away from home

Expats prefer furnished apartments to hotel rooms.

A hotel isn’t always the immediate or best choice when staying in a new city. Individuals staying in Switzerland for a longer period, either for business or pleasure, desire more comfort and privacy and appreciate having an apartment with a kitchen or multiple rooms. And for stays of less than a few months, it is not worth looking for a home in Switzerland’s tight rental market. This is where companies like Nest in Lucerne come into play. Nest specialises in offering attractive, fully furnished apartments with additional services, and currently has over 380 apartments in the business hubs of Zurich, Zug, Basel and Lucerne. In Zurich, Nest rents an entire building on the Labitzke site. The 28 apartments are
mainly home to expats working in banking, insurance, IT and consulting. The newly completed development on the Labitzke site has everything that Nest would want for its location: good public transport links, a city centre location and shops and restaurants close by. The two to three room apartments all come with a balcony and ample storage space and have a simple and elegant design. The apartments are cleaned every fortnight. Nest believes that homes should feel inviting and regularly replaces the furniture in its apartments.

(Publication date: Beginning of 2019)

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