A perfect match

The Am Meggerwald development in Lucerne is the new home of the family S. It is a perfect match for what the four were looking for – with plenty of space, a patio and the feeling of living in a family home.

“Our home is situated in an unbelievably beautiful location. When we take a look out the window, we can see cows grazing on green hills, Pilatus on the horizon and the edge of the Meggerwald right next to the building. What makes the property even better is that it is in the sixth-largest city in Switzerland and it takes a bus journey of less than 15 minutes to reach the centre of Lucerne. We have lived in this district before and had walked past the property frequently with the pushchair. So, once we found out that the City of Lucerne had sold the property to Mobimo, we kept our ear to the ground and followed the development of the project with great attention. We consider it a happy stroke of fate that Mobimo ultimately designed and built almost exactly
the type of property we were looking for – a large apartment with a patio and the feel of a family home. The first days after the move were particularly exciting for our children. There was just so much to discover – from the switchboard in the cellar with numerous buttons to the inter-com system with a video screen and the remote control for the blinds. What they particularly like now is the fact that they have their own room where they can spend time alone. My partner and I have tried our hands at gardening in the plant bed next to the patio. Every now and then, all four of us go to the Vita-Parcours fitness trail in the nearby woods or ride the bikes down to the Swiss Museum of Transportation. Yes, we found what we were looking for.”

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