Focus and inspiration

In the space of a few years, coworking spaces have become a
permanent feature in the office rental market.

Coworking: from a generally unknown phenomenon just a few years ago to a widespread trend, temporary workspaces and shared infrastructure such as coffee machines, printers and internet have become an established part of working life in Switzerland. There are now more than 100 of these coworking spaces according to Coworking Switzerland. The main reason behind the boom in demand is that a lot of work can now be carried out from anywhere thanks to digitalisation. There are also many other reasons for this growing popularity: coworking allows small companies and start-ups to significantly reduce the fixed costs of renting office space. Self-employed people can also take advantage of the shared infrastructure and discuss
topics with other users. Coworking can be an attractive option for large companies, too: for example, if they need extra workspaces but have limited capacity in their offices. Although coworking space is still a niche product in the office rental market, letting office space to coworking providers can still be an interesting option for real estate owners given the competitive market environment. In Lausanne, Mobimo works in partnership with Gotham. Gotham operates two well-attended coworking spaces in the Horizon building, close to the train station, and in the Flon district, offering a modern, inspirational working environment to more than 300 users every day.

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