Poetry in the courtyard

The three courtyards of the Letzihof residential property are decorated with six photographic images from well-known artist Annelies Štrba. They form a playful interface between private and public life, with uncomplicated and modern architecture meeting colourful and playful art.

This interaction takes place day after day in the Letzihof residential property. The simple building provides a sheltered environment for six extraordinary
photos shot by Richterswil-based artist Annelies Štrba. Female figures, children’s dreams, flowering meadows and frescoes of lights are displayed above the three courtyards and add a poetic element to the functional relationship between the building and its inhabitants – self-sufficient but not without purpose. The residents can move the huge images printed on weatherproof
sliding panels to open up a view to the outside world.
“The switch from public to private takes place in the courtyards. The photos are a central part of this – they’re calm yet mysteriously stimulating, while giving you the feeling of being part of something and setting you free at the same time. Just as residents get to know each other over time, but do not reveal everything”, said Annelies Štrba when describing the art on display within
the property. Leading architects EPR Architekten were responsible for the design and development, and the implementation was carried out as part of the Mobimo & Art commitment.

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