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Predicting the future of transport

Creating a transport planning system as part of the development of a district is a complicated affair. Specialist transport planners like Guido Gisler are familiar with the challenges these systems involve. They are much more complex than simply determining the number of parking spaces to be created.

There are a wide range of complicated requirements needing to be met in a major project when implementing such a transport planning system and setting up the necessary infrastructure, including taking all traffic flows into account – pedestrians, cyclists, cars and public transport – and predicting their development. On the Mattenhof development, the transport planning office TEAMverkehr. zug ag entrusted Guido Gisler with this task as the project lead. His starting point in devising the necessary concepts and calculations is always the status quo. “The road network surrounding the Mattenhof site was already overburdened,” he said. “We had to run a simulation of how the development would affect the roads so that the planners and architects could plan everything – from the barrier systems and bicycle parking facilities
to the underground car park exits – to ensure that the additional traffic would be absorbed without any problems.” The new development brings additional traffic into the area, despite the fact that the Mattenhof site is a low-traffic area. “We have put a great deal of hard work into reducing the number of parking spaces in this area,” explained Guido Gisler. “This means that there istn't a parking space for every apartment, which makes sense for a development in such a good location.” Gisler is of the opinion that there must be an appropriate and proportionate number of parking spaces. “We have ensured that this is indeed the case with the Mattenhof site thanks to the development of the multi-storey car park already in place and the two relatively small underground car parks.”
(Publication date: Beginning of 2017)

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