Prelude to more

At the beginning of December, 3M EMEA GmbH cut the ribbon on its new head office in Langenthal. Marco Tondel, Head of Development, was responsible for developing and implementing the project.

Marco Tondel, what are the distinguishing characteristics of the new 3M building?
When drafting the plan, the Zurich architecture firm Marazzi and Paul applied the guiding principles of transparency and communication. This is evident in the bright atrium used for meetings and exhibitions or in the open-plan design of the actual working areas. I am also very impressed by the high-quality ceramic façade and the colouring, which is inspired by the rusty patina of the railway station and its surroundings.

How sustainable is the property?
The issue of sustainability was important to everyone involved in the project. 3M pursues sustainability goals that are ambitious by global standards and was
careful to ensure that the new location fulfilled its own specific requirements. The building is Minergie-certified and is supplied by groundwater heat pumps. Its ideal location right next to Langenthal railway station also means that many employees can come to work by public transport.

What impact has the 3M building had on the area north of the railway station?
The completion of the building marks the first step in the long-term regeneration and development of the industrial zone north of Langenthal railway station. The area is one of the canton’s development priorities and will be transformed over the coming years. Mobimo will also play a major role in this transformation.

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