The magic's in the mix

Following unostentatious conversion work, Seehallen in
Horgen is home to a diverse range of tenants.

Seehallen in Horgen is immediately visible as you exit the train at Horgen station. A striking former factory 210 metres in length, located just a stone’s throw from Lake Zurich. From the outside, the building has hardly changed over the last few decades. What about the inside? As you enter the building, you can clearly see that it has been carefully renovated. The special charm of the former factory floor, with its high ceilings and large windows, has been maintained. The relics of a bygone industrial era – including overhead cranes, unplastered walls and floor signage – were also kept.
The biggest change after the renovation is the way in which the building can be used: it is multi-functional. What exactly that means becomes apparent as soon as you enter the foyer of Seehallen Horgen, which is now open to the public: a coffee roaster with its own café sits beside a shoe shop, a showroom for a cashmere clothing company and a cosmetics studio on the ground floor. Other tenants in the multistorey building include the Mobiliar General Agency Horgen, two gyms, a nursery and the technology group Philips.

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