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Urban agriculture in Lausanne

Tenants of our buildings in the Mont-Riond district enthusiastically grow
vegetables, herbs and flowers.

The Mont-Riond district is located down from Lausanne railway station, between the station and Lake Geneva. Mobimo owns a complex of new and renovated buildings in this popular part of the city. In spring 2021, the company installed around 30 raised beds in which tenants can grow vegetables, herbs and flowers. The initiative has met with an enthusiastic response. Up from the station, in the Le Flon district, Mobimo is participating in a feasibility study being conducted by
the city of Lausanne on urban gardening on the roofs of the district. Green roofs can reduce urban heat island effects. A supply of locally grown produce also reduces food miles and promotes sustainable consumption. Implementing such a project would have substantial positive effects, further improving the sustainability scorecard for the Le Flon district. The results of the feasibility study will be published in autumn 2021

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