Urban vibe

Music is also being made in the Flon district, as the cantonal conservatory is a tenant in the Pépinières building complex. Director Hervé Klopfenstein chose Flon as the location for the academy with good reason.

The names of the three buildings that make up the Pépinières complex are simply A, B and C. The reserved yet functional buildings A and B act as an elegant frame around the star of the trio: building C with its eye-catching façade – a filigree concrete web – and the leafy, public roof terrace, from where you can watch life go by around you in the Flon district. It’s more than likely that you will see one or two passers-by carrying instrument cases. This is because Les Pépinières is not just home to restaurants, a bar, offices and a bowling lane, it also houses two departments of the intercantonal conservatory. Buildings A and B feature teaching and practice rooms for the jazz and contemporary music departments, as well as the BCV Concert Hall, which is multi-functional and can seat around 250 guests. The conservatory’s
move to the lively Flon district in 2014 can largely be attributed to its Director, the renowned conductor Hervé Klopfenstein. Housing the conservatory in an ivory tower would be something that was inconceivable for the charismatic musician. “As art and culture belong on the streets, among the people, a conservatory must also try to ensure that it plays a role in society.” Klopfenstein wants to do away with any feelings of adversity or reservation and hopes to communicate the spirit and joy of music. This credo is also reflected in his educational concept: “Performing on stage is a key tenet of our teaching from the very start.” This is attested to by the numerous concerts held in the BCV Concert Hall and the diverse district every year, which add another facet to the area.
(Publication date: Beginning of 2017)

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