Welcome to the Club d’art

The Club d’Art Contemporain owned by Agnieszka Pieta in the newly opened building on Les Garages adds a new dimension to the varied artistic attractions in the Flon district. The key message of the Club is that everyone is welcome.

When the weather allows it, Agnieszka Pieta leaves the doors to the Club d’Art Contemporain open. “I want no one to be scared of coming into the Club. Everyone should feel welcome and be able to enjoy contemporary art,” explains the owner, who attended art school in France. “I therefore consciously refrained from naming my place a gallery, as a club sounds much more inviting and welcoming.” Agnieszka Pieta is the tenant in the garage building that was opened in September 2017 as a modular sales and exhibition space in the Flon district. Here, she exhibits pieces of art produced by contemporary artists living in Switzerland. In addition to this, she organises workshops, seminars and film evenings. Agnieszka Pieta’s main focus is interaction. In her events, she encourages the nine artists who are currently exhibiting their work to mix and engage with
those interested in art. She also puts on events for children, with a small handprint on the wall of the Club’s basement already attesting to this. Agnieszka Pieta has lived in Switzerland for more than ten years and has always found the Flon district to be extremely appealing: “Art has always played a special role in Flon; just think of the renowned Alice Pauli Gallery which has called the district its home for many years.” She, too, has played a part in maintaining the Flon district’s flair for art thanks to the exhibitions she has put on over the past two years. It was therefore an easy decision to open her Club in the new garage building. “All of the tenants are new to these buildings. We’re all still settling in and finding our feet. Soon, though, you won’t be able to imagine the district without the garage buildings,” she said.
(Publication date: beginning of 2018)

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