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Kriens, Mattenhof

2012 – 2019

A dynamic new district will soon be developed under the name 'The Mattenhof Micropolis' on the border between Lucerne, Kriens and Horw. The project will create an ultramodern living space in which the micropolitans can live, work, shop and meet. In all, some 300 state-of-the-art 1.5- to 4.5-bedroom flats with total living space of between 50 and 120 square metres will be built. The flats will be characterised by the modern design of the façade, their ingenious layouts and wonderful loggias, balconies and terraces. Some 20,000 square metres of utilisable office space will also be created, offering everything from small office units for start-ups and creative companies via generously sized solutions for all kinds of SMEs to company headquarters spanning several storeys. About 7000 square metres of retail space on the ground floor will offer ample room for a variety of shops and businesses, which will benefit from readily adaptable layouts, outstanding visibility and an excellent location. Mattenhof’s attractiveness will be enhanced further by a hotel with 160 rooms spread across 4000 square metres as well as a 600-space multi-storey car park. Thanks to the perfect location, residents and visitors will have access to a diverse range of shopping opportunities, catering outlets, sports, recreational and leisure facilities in the immediate vicinity, as well as Mattenhof train station, several bus lines and motorway junctions.



Lausanne, Flon

1999 – 2025

Flon stretches over 55,000m2 and has transformed over the past ten years into a modern, attractive district in the heart of Lausanne. Located in the direct vicinity of the Lausanne-Flon metro station, the popular district is home to numerous businesses, recreational facilities, restaurants and galleries, a music school (Lausanne Conservatory), a medical emergency centre, a bank and a Migros Klubschule, and is also the seat of the local government. A large underground garage for over 900 vehicles, a series of lofts and a designer hotel complete the package. And we are constantly unlocking new development potential.


Aarau, Aeschbachquartier

2012 – 2018

Torfeld Süd is in a central location near the main Aarau train station. It has a surface area of more than 45,000 square metres, with approximately 80,000 square metres of gross floor space. Voters approved a rezoning in June 2010 to transform the area from an industrial zone to a mixed use area of housing, recreation and office space. Mobimo has now launched a plan to develop a lively area for both living and working that features a wide diversity of residents, visitors and workers. The conversion of the old Aeschbachhalle will play an important role in this plan, as it will act as the initial spark for the redevelopment and for the new “downtown” space for this part of the city.


Lausanne, La Rasude

2014 - 2025

Rasude is part of the plan for the urban development of the train station area in Lausanne. This also includes the redevelopment of the train station as well as the housing together of various museums in the former train depot. The area's appeal includes its unobstructed view of Lake Geneva, the town and the Alps. SBB Immobilien and Mobimo are jointly planning to create a mixed-use district with offices and apartments, as well as commercial and recreational space.